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For employers and businesses:   
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  •     civil litigation
  •     employee relations
  •     incorporation
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  •     title and real estate law
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For Individuals:     For businesses and individuals alike, you receive creative, exemplary, service and support with a focus on the best possible legal outcome for your situation.  Bart ensures that each client receives individualized service according to his/her needs.  
Client names and case specifics will never be published out of consideration of clients' confidentiality.

 Employment Law Firm

Representing both employers and employees

Both employers and employees can be represented in employment matters. We have handled a number of high-profile cases on both sides, providing clients with experienced and knowledgeable representation that protects their rights and preserves their interests.  Bart is well-qualified to handle complex and unusual employment law cases.  He thrives on taking on a challenging employment case and brings creativity and individuality to each case.  Bart's employment cases included:
discrimination, gender, age, sexual orientation
illegal activity
sexual harrassment
union issues and arbitration
wrongful termination
health issues
non-compete agreements
employment contracts

In Massachusetts, all employment discrimination cases must be brought first before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) before it can move to court. Bart has represented both employers and employees in matters before this agency. Once begun at the MCAD, an action may be moved out of the MCAD and into Court, where Bart has had positive results.


More on Securities Issues:
    Claims against financial advisors for wrongdoing, negligence, and violation of industry rules of conduct must be brought by arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authroity, (FINRA), formerly called the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).
    Claims are heard and decided by an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators.  If the arbitrator finds that the investment advisor acted negligently, customers may be awarded a refund of the losses they suffered in the market.
Bart's fees on security issues can be contingency, fee-based, or a blend of the two.  If you have a securities concern and would like Bart to review it, please call his office or email the information found on the Contact Us page of the website.